A series of romantic & timeless pieces made for the modern bride.

Believing that love is in the details, a close inspection of each dress reveals something new to be swept away with: careful construction, meticulous patterns, fine ornamentation, exquisite coloration.


Each dress is a reflection of elegance, grace, and detail—befitting of the bride who deserves nothing less.


A romance of fabrics and silhouettes to create pieces that will be remembered for a lifetime. Intensely personal and thoughtfully constructed collections are to give ode to the Rue Marguerite bride.



Timeless pieces for the best day of your life. Everything comes together to make the bride even more luminous on one of life’s most important days.


Same dream. Different dress. Small but intimate. Relaxed but splendid. Plans may have changed but your dream wedding hasn’t.


We acknowledge you. We celebrate you.

Our muse. Our bride.

Our muse. Our bride.

Rue Marguerite recognizes both the classic & the modern bride.

Inspired by the unending love of Romeo for Juliet, the kind of love that shines from dawn 'til midnight, fresh roses and withered leaves, genuine smiles and deep heartaches.

A kind of love that lasts beyond lifetime. 

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